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Pay Close Attention And Find Out How You Can Get PLR & Whitelable Rights To This Unique Software

You've Heard it Time and Time again... the MONEY is In the LIST!

That is SO True BUT, you Have to Offer Something of HIGH Value to Get them To Buy From You...So, What's the "Magic" Formula or the "One Thing" That You Can Offer that Will Turn Your LIST into Rabid BUYERS?


Well, that "One Thing" is Software! Fortunes Have Been Made with Software Products Since the Dawn of the Information Age - Think About HOW Microsoft, Oracle, SUN Microsystems, and IBM All Got Their START - Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SUN Microsystems ALL Started with Offering Software and Software Solutions to Problems we NEVER knew we had...

Software Has a Much HIGHER Perceived VALUE - Much Higher than an eBook or Video Product...

Imagine Being Able to Deliver PREMIUM software product via a Simple Software Dashboard that Runs on the Modern Windows Desktop...


I've Compiled a Simple To Use Windows Desktop APP that Gives Your Customer DIRECT Access to the PRODUCT Without Having Them "Jump" Through a Bunch of Hoops - Your Customers WILL Love HOW FAST they Get Access to the PREMIUM Trainings...

Compatible with WINDOWS Machines Running Version 7 or LATER Only

When Your Lead Prospect Registers The Software They Will Automatically Get Added to Your Email LIST...

This Software Dashboard is the PERFECT "Squeezeless" Squeeze Page - Your Lead Prospect Will Gladly Give Up a "LEGITIMATE" Email to Unlock the Windows Desktop APP

Software is SO Much Better than Giving Away a FREE eBook to Get an Optin - Build Your LIST Super FAST With This Simple Windows Dashboard Product...

You Don't Need to Become a Programmer to Create and Sell High Quality Windows Software Solutions...

Lock the Software and "Force" Your Customer To Register With An  Email to "Unlock" The Software...

This Simple Windows Desktop APP Software has Been PROVEN Over and Over to Convert!

ReBrand the Software and "Force" Your Customer to Give You a "LegitimateEmail to Unlock the Dashboard...

Build a Software EMPIRE Quickly and Easily by ReBranding the Software as your OWN - This is "Newbie" Friendly and will JUMP Start Your Earnings Online By Providing Your With a High Quality Windows Desktop APP that People will LOVE!

  • Sell the Software - Simply Resell the Software and Pocket 100% Commissions - It's YOUR Software You HAVE FULL PLR Rights!

  • ReBrand The Software as Your OWN - Give Away or ReSell the ReBranded Software and EXPLODE Your LIST Building Efforts With High Quality Software Product - It's TIME to Move Away from Cheap PLR eBooks and START Building Your Software EMPIRE!
  • Use as a BONUS - You can Use the Software As a BONUS or UPSELL to Your Existing Product Offerings - Adding a Software BONUS is Super Easy and Could Literally EXPLODE Your Sales Funnel
  • It's PLR with White Label Rights -  If you purchased the Upgraded License your HAVE Full Private Label AND Whitelabel Rights, Give it Away, Sell it as a Stand-Alone Product, Resell the ReBrander - Hey, it's an UNRESTRICTED License there's a thousand and one things you can do

Grab this Private Label/Whitelabel Rights Software to SUPER-Charge Your List Building and Income!

You Get FULL "UNRESTRICTED" Private Label/Whitelabel Rights to the Software and ReBrander APP - It's Yours to Do with as you'd Like...


I absolutely HATE Marketers that Make their LICENSE So Restrictive it might as Well SAY "You can't do a thing with my Product" You May have Run Across a Few that give you a license like this example:

  • You have FULL Developer Rights BUT You Can't Sell the Product on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays before 10AM EST or After 9PM EST!
  • You MUST Add the Product to a Membership Site That Costs a "Dollar Two Ninety Eight" to Join (Or HIGHER)
  • You Can't Give the Product Away for FREE (then HOW else am I going to build my LIST Bubba?)
  • You MUST Sell the Product for $100 or Higher (Price Fixing is Against the Law Buckoo)

I'm SURE You Get the Idea - Here's the "REAL DEAL" You can Do Whatever you want with the Software - Is that PLAIN enough? (Now Don't Create a Support Ticket and ASK What the "Rights" Are - I'll Know Immediately You Haven't Read This Far on the Sales Page)

The ReBranding Tool is So POWERFUL - ReBrand the Registration Settings for Your Own Optin PAGE - Explode Your LIST by Forcing Your Customer to Optin with a Legitimate Email to "Unlock" the Software...

You Get Unrestricted PLR/Whitelabel Rights - You can "RESELL" The ReBrander to Your Customers - Build Your Software EMPIRE By Providing the Software and REBRANDING Tool...

Build a Huge Affiliate Following - Your Affiliates Will LOVE Promoting Your Software Programs - They Will LOVE Selling a High Quality Windows Desktop APP over promoting an eBook from your Competitor!

Find a plan that’s right for you.

All Software is Guaranteed To Work on Windows Versions 7 and HIGHER
Sorry, I DO NOT Support This Software Product Running on a MAC

PLR ReBrander

  • FULL Private Label Rights
  • ReBrander Included
  • List Builder Software
  • ReBrand and Resell Software
  • Create a Buyers List

Whitelabel License

  • Whitelabel License
  • Sell ReBrander Software
  • ReBrand As Your OWN
  • EXPLODE Your Buyers List


If "This SIMPLE Windows Desktop Software APP" doesn't show me exactly how to create a software empire... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step and show me HOW to sell in-demand PREMIUM software products... or if it fails to help me get STARTED in my OWN Online Business, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders,

So go ahead and click the buy now link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now Because I know That By Taking Immediate and Massive ACTION Right Now Proves You Have What it Takes to Succeed!

  Rick Roberts

P.S.: Every Minute You WAIT is another Missed Opportunity for you to FINALLY Make an Income Online - Take MASSIVE Action Today! Software is a HIGH Demand Product and With Your OWN Software Product You Can Succeed ONLINE

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