Ever wanted to break into a profitable niche you little to nothing about? ...

"Here's Your Chance To Become The Go-To Expert In ANY Niche No Matter How Competitive And Dominate Like The Big Boys Do! ..."

...forget the low hanging fruit, It's time to go where the money is!

From: Rick Roberts

In TheBeautiful Foothills of
The Blue Ridge Mountains

They'll tell you to follow your passions, to go for the low hanging fruit because the good niches are way to crowded.


Yeah, thats what they'll tell you and to be honest theres nothing wrong with that...if you don't mind just barely getting by and making just a few sales here and there. But what if you wanted to go where the money is... ...the niches that seems only the big dogs can compete in? 


For years, I was like you and followed the creed of staying within my passion and dodging the high traffic - high competition niches. The ones that everyone knows is where the real money is. 


But I was too scared to cross that line into unknown territory. I was afraid I didn't know enough (in fact some niches I knew there was big money and high traffic I knew nothing about at all!)


But What If There Was A Way To Break Into These High Profit Niches No Matter How Little You Know Or How Stiff The Competition?


Over the years actually since 2007 I have written around 150 short reports on a variety of subjects and in lots of niches. Most of which I had some knowledge or was able to obtain it and crank out a quickie 7 - 15 page $7 or $10 product about. 


The problem was though thats all they ever were - just short quick one time products! It wasn't until late 2011 I began to wonder just how could I create products in niches where I could make the big bucks. I mean real products with front end / back end offers and even memberships sites...not one time ebooks like I was used to doing. 


So I drew back on all of the courses and coaching I had been through over the years and started working on a system that would allow me to break into these niches with my own full fledged products. It was a struggle at first and the first product seemed to take forever to complete but when I finished it I realized this same process could be duplicated over and over again on any subject. 


The best part is once completed the process (which is super easy btw) you gain IMMEDIATE expert status and with very little effort can become the "Go-To" guru in no time!    

  • The Step-by-Step Process I Use To Find New Niches To Go Into

  • My 14 Day Info Product Creation Strategy

  • How To Dominate Any Niche No Matter How Competitive It Is

You get the idea ...

In this short to the point 30 minute video training the fluff has been cut out and you'll learn my exact process for discovering and breaking into new high profit niches. 


You will finally get the breakthrough you've been looking for and learn the evergreen process that works now and forever. But you haven't heard the best part yet... ...in addition to the training you'll receive you will also get access to the software I developed that makes the process even easier! 


In 2011 I did my first group coaching class on sales funnel creation. 


In 2012 I migrated to doing individual private online / Internet marketing coaching. It was in these private coaching sessions I began to see a problem with my students in that they were sometimes slow to motivate because they lacked ideas on what to do next. 


...And then it hit me -- since the process is the same no matter what the topic why not automate it with software? 

Introducing My Wizard Outline Generator!

YES! The Training & Software Are PC / MAC / Linux Compatible!

Just answer four simple questions and click a button to get an instant 20 ideas to work with in any niche and on any topic! 


This software became an instant hit with my coaching students and it gave them the inspiration they needed to start creating their own unique products and competing in profitable niches like never before.

Take A Look At These Great Features...

  • Exteremely Easy To Use - Just Answer Four Simple Questions

  • Creates A 14 Day Schedule Thats Easy Peasy To Follow

  • Outputs Your Content Outline In PDF, HTML and TXT Versions

  • Windows, Linux and Yes - Even MAC Compliant!

  • And the list goes on ...

Okay, So How Can You Really Compete In Over Crowded & Competitive Niches?

Most marketers, especially the new ones with little or no money to invest think the only way to do good in a niche is by getting to the first page on Google. 


They think if you can't get there then there is no hope. That's one of the biggest Internet Marketing myths there is folks.


You won't have to played the Google / Yahoo or Bing search game (I haven't since 2010 and my sites get tons of traffic)

In fact I have one product (a fixed term membership) in the personal finance niche that is buried around page 200 in the SERPs ...and I still get traffic and sales! 


I have another in the options trading niche that despite all my efforts to get it ranked has never seen the light of day past page 50 in the search results...and yet it still makes me sales on a consistent basis! 


In the video training you will discover exactly how I get noticed and get traffic to my sites and the good news is most of the methods cost nothing at all - zip, zero, zilch --repeat no paid traffic.

You'll even discover the fast track to gaining a following and getting sales if you do have money to invest. But it's certainly not necessary or required to start with if you are on a tight budget.

Combine The Video Training & My Software And You Will Succeed!

It took me years to figure out what really works in finding profitable niches and a dead easy always works method for breaking into them. Combine this training where I hold nothing back and the software for sutomation you'll get today and the only way you can fail is if you don't try. 


If you can take one hour or so a day to write 50 - 100 words or so following the 14 day plan you get in the end you will haveat least one but most likely two or three products ready to sell as your own. Would you devote an hour or so a day for the next 14 days if you knew you were going to make money? 

YES! The Training & Software Are PC / MAC / Linux Compatible!

Read What Some Of My Customer's Had To Say About This...

...this training and software are just what you need to finally get you started!

"It is generally accepted that to have the best chance of success with internet marketing you need two things - your own product and a mailing list. This offering will give you a big step up to the first requirement - your own product. Rick has covered in a 31 minute video (audio and PDF also included) the steps you need to take to become an expert "go to" guru in any niche - even one you know nothing about.

This training is broken down into how to choose a profitable niche, how to get started in a new niche, how to become a "go to" expert, and how to compete in any niche, no matter how crowded it might be, all covered in a detailed manner. You will also receive Rick's software that he uses to guide him whenever he starts work on a new product. After answering a few questions, you will be presented with a 14 day plan for your new product. The content you will need is also broken down into segments that ask you to write 50 - 150 words on each one.

 I challenge anyone not to be able to write 50 - 100 words. This is so much more inviting than just staring at a blank page, wondering where to start! If you want to follow the accepted path to success by producing your own product, then this training and software are just what you need to finally get you started."

Dave Everett , http://iwanttoknowhowto.com/

Great product, Rick! 

This product really delivers on teaching us how to become an expert in any niche!  It starts by explaining how to pick the best and most profitable niches, how to become the "Go-To" person in any niche, and finally, how to compete in any niche, no matter how crowded it is by other experts or marketers. 

It's fantastic training, and as usual, you break everything down into simple, actionable steps, that anyone can do - if they only knew how...  Well, you solve the "knowing" problem with this training, and you make it easy to "implement" with all of the advice and strategies you offer.  Now, as if that were not enough, you are also offering a really great piece of software called, the "Wizard Outline Generator v2.0", that makes Content Creation a snap! 

I owned version 1.0 and used it often, so you can bet that I will be putting version 2.0 to good use as well.  I also can't wait until the Pro Version of the Wizard Outline Generator is available.  I highly recommend this product to anyone needing to create content of any kind, because this training, and the software, will make everything much simpler and faster.  No matter what you decide about this offer, my experience with Rick Roberts is that he is one of the good guys in Internet Marketing, who really cares about people helping people succeed and do well in their own online business pursuits.  That's why I open all of Rick's emails and buy most of his products, if I feel they will help me in my business. 

So, if this product of Rick's will help you, be sure to pick it up.  If not, I'd highly recommend that you get on his email list, and be watching for any of his other great products!  Rick is a veteran in the IM space, who has earned the respect of many good people in the IM industry.  If you aren't familiar with Rick, here is your chance...  You won't find a more knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and humble guy!" 

-Mike Stevens.-

Look heres the deal you can continue what you're doing and wondering how you could get your breakthrough and start making real money online. Consistent money that doesn't depend on Google or any other search engine god to show favor on you.


Or you could invest less than ten bucks and finally get started on the right path to success. 


The choice is yours. Take a look at where you are now and where you were this time last year - still in the same place? Lets change that. 


Watch my video, use my software and work as little or as much as you can on the plan generated for you. I guarantee you when you finish the first 14 days you will be proud of what you have accomplished. 


You will have something of your own that no one else has and if they want it they have to buy it from you. 


You can repeat this process over and over again - any time you like. Imagine cranking out one to three products each month every month for the next year. 


What do you think your life will be like then? 


Probably a tremndous surge ahead of where you are now don't you think?

Don't Let Competition Scare You - It's Time You Become The Expert In Your Niche!

Now, I know that's a pretty bold statement, but once you read it you'll know why I say that.

Here's a small sample of what you'll see inside:

  • Discover My 4 out of 5 Qualifier Rule For Finding Hot Niches

  • Learn How To Use Your Content Over and Over Again For New Products

  • See The Exact Simple To Do Process For Getting Expert Status Quickly

  • Create Content Ideas For Blog Posts, Articles, Video Or Powerpoint / Keynote Slides and Presntations

  • No Matter If You On An Old Beatup Windows XP Machine, Linux and Yes - Even MAC Computers Can Use My Software! 

  • WAIT! ...

I could go on and on telling you what you'll learn inside, but ...

I don't want to waste another second of your time.  What I want for you to do is to download this video and devour it immediately. Rather than waste your time telling you about it, I want you to experience it yourself.


If you don't like it - just let me know and you will be entitled to a full prompt and courteous refund on the spot.


In fact, if you're not satisfied for any reason, I'll be happy to refund your money.


Let me just make it clear that How To Become The Go-To Expert In Any Niche is everything you hope it will be and more. 

Listen, I'm not going to bundle this video report with a bunch of bonuses you will never use or anything else.  The video itself is worth at least 10 times what you'll pay for it today.

But to get access to my custom software you would pay way more than the cost of the purchase here today.

Yes!  Grant me instant online access to "How To Become The Go-To Expert In Any Niche" today.  I understand that I will be granted download access to the video and bonus software immediately and that if I am not satisfied for any reason I am entitled to a prompt and courteous refund on-the-spot - no questions asked!

Click Below To Get Instant Download Access Via PayPal Or Credit Card Now

YES! The Training & Software Are PC / MAC / Linux Compatible!

And, of course, you're protected by a full 30 day money back guarantee.  If you're not satisfied for any reason, you're entitled to a prompt and courteous refund - no questions asked.

To your niche marketing success!

More Customer Testimonials...

"Great job Rick!"

"I was fortunate enough to get this tool as a beta release and I'm giving this tool my highest recommendation! Great job Rick! Thanks for this cool, time saving tool The bonuses are superior too Folks, at this price point, go for it... You need to grab this software Now!"
Jim Furr,


"RIck's teaching style is absolutely AWESOME!!!"

"I've bought many WSOs, this is the fastest I've made money. Let me also say that RIck's teaching style is absolutely AWESOME!!! Not sure if he used to be a teacher or not but I love his videos, they are so clear and easy to understand."
Sharon Lam,


Thank you so much Rick

Your previous products have made me a steady stream of residual income that I still enjoy today- in fact I have a deposit soon to hit my account from Mobi Fire. I always enjoy any products you make. I am thrilled about this one, it is so amazing to see such a quality product, for a fair price that anyone can afford. Thank you!

Don't let this one slip away at such a low cost, click the Buy Now Button!
Tim Steffen


I thought he couldn't improve on the original...I was wrong!

Rick as you know I tell everyone who will listen (including those in the mastermind group) to get this! Way to go Rick!
Jerome Johnson


Great job Rick!

I got the Wizard recently and was using it again this morning to outline a new product in the weight loss niche. Talk about a crowded market, weight loss is a hard one to get noticed in. But with your outline generator, I am finding nifty ways to drill down and target an excellent sub-niche that has all kinds of possibilities.

Thanks Rick for giving my tired brain a rest and helping me with the all-important idea generating phase.
Charles Brown

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